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You complete me.

July 12, 2009

Dear Colette Patterns,

Thank you for making such beautiful patterns in such beautiful packaging with such clear and thought out instructions and such interesting construction where I learn new things.

Thanks to a great pattern, I was able to make something that one particular coworker of mine (and fellow sewer) did not immediately ask: did you make that?  In fact, she never asked.

All because you made a pattern that (a) looks current and chic and super flattering, (b) allowed me to understand proper tailoring just enough to make a work-appropriate, suit-like garment, and (c) had pattern pieces that just made sense and fit together so perfectly that I did not once swear or intentionally break something during the entire construction.  Not once. At least not once as a result of or directed to the garment, the pattern, or the sewing process.

This skirt was also a success because of my fabric choice, which you had nothing to do with, but thanks for making a pattern that complimented my fabric choice so nicely.

So thank you Colette Patterns.

I’m already scouting for fabrics for your other patterns and am anxiously awaiting new designs.


The proud owner of the newly sewn, Green Beignet.

The fabric is a midweight wool that I bought 50% off from Exquisite Fabrics in DC during their most amazing moving sale.  The buttons are Le Petite.

(The bike is my new baby, a Jamis Sputnik single speed–my first real new bike…I keep it in my bedroom…and look at it from time to time…)

The lining is a grey silk habotai bought on ebay for super cheap–which is also used for some awesome pockets at each hip.  Did I mention I LOVE this pattern?  The paneling is gorgeous, the button front is adorable, and the high waist is right on style.


It’s been a while…

October 12, 2008

but I’ve at least been busy constructing things that I can now share.

First, Wenlan Chia came out with her 3rd book, Twinkle Town & Country Knits, which led me to knit this:

(a couple of more pictures in the flickr gallery and on ravelry)

It’s the Belle du Jour Tunic made with 2 skeins of Blue Sky Alpacas Brushed Suri in French Roast on size 15 circular needles.  I had a really tough time finding yarn that fit in with my 2008 yarn goal (the eco/socially conscious thing).  The only one I found was Be Sweet’s mohair, but I couldn’t find the right color.  Knitch had it in black, but each skein was $24, which was not acceptable given that it was thin enough to require the double stranding recommended by the pattern.  I settled for this (which did not require double stranding), since it has bamboo as part of its core instead of acrylic or nylon.  Also, BSA is a company I respect given all of the organic products it sells.

I also sewed the dress underneath on the fly, which is made of a paper silk I bought a few years ago in Bhopal, India.  It’s a simple cami dress with gathering at the back waist and a grey chiffon lining, which extends out on the bottom.  Both were worn together on top of a flowy black silk skirt to the opera the other night.  It all turned out pretty well I think.  Although to be completely honest, this was my second version of this.  The first I made a little too long and big, but the hairiness of the yarn doesn’t really allow for frogging.  So in literally 5 hours or so, I made a new smaller, shorter version.  I like both for different purposes/occasions and overall it wasn’t a huge splurge for the yarn given that it only takes 2 (or 3 at the most) skeins of the yarn.

I’ve also been sewing more since I’m absolutely in love with my sewing machine.

This skirt is a modified version of the Sidonie skirt from Burdastyle.  It uses a beautiful heavy silk, kind of almost like canvas.  I’m not sure what the type of fabric is called.  It’s woven I think.  The buttons are gorgeous glass vintage ones I found for like $3 on Ebay.  It turned out pretty well…just needs a little ironing maybe.

As does this creation:

This is a wool suiting fabric and a lovely plastic button I got at Mood a couple of years ago.  I used the Alexis pattern from Burdastyle.  It’s a good office skirt, but the fabric isn’t my favorite.  I’ll probably make this skirt again out of a nicer fabric.

I’ve strangely not felt the urge to blog lately…I honestly care about this election to the point where I feel like I won’t have my normal perspective back until this is all over.  And I can’t wait.