You complete me.

Dear Colette Patterns,

Thank you for making such beautiful patterns in such beautiful packaging with such clear and thought out instructions and such interesting construction where I learn new things.

Thanks to a great pattern, I was able to make something that one particular coworker of mine (and fellow sewer) did not immediately ask: did you make that?  In fact, she never asked.

All because you made a pattern that (a) looks current and chic and super flattering, (b) allowed me to understand proper tailoring just enough to make a work-appropriate, suit-like garment, and (c) had pattern pieces that just made sense and fit together so perfectly that I did not once swear or intentionally break something during the entire construction.  Not once. At least not once as a result of or directed to the garment, the pattern, or the sewing process.

This skirt was also a success because of my fabric choice, which you had nothing to do with, but thanks for making a pattern that complimented my fabric choice so nicely.

So thank you Colette Patterns.

I’m already scouting for fabrics for your other patterns and am anxiously awaiting new designs.


The proud owner of the newly sewn, Green Beignet.

The fabric is a midweight wool that I bought 50% off from Exquisite Fabrics in DC during their most amazing moving sale.  The buttons are Le Petite.

(The bike is my new baby, a Jamis Sputnik single speed–my first real new bike…I keep it in my bedroom…and look at it from time to time…)

The lining is a grey silk habotai bought on ebay for super cheap–which is also used for some awesome pockets at each hip.  Did I mention I LOVE this pattern?  The paneling is gorgeous, the button front is adorable, and the high waist is right on style.


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9 Responses to “You complete me.”

  1. Giulia Says:

    Beautiful!! The skirt especially, but also the bicycle. 😉

  2. Julie Says:

    oh wow, that skirt is AWESOME! So chic.

  3. cashmerelady Says:

    The skirt looks nice – unfortunately I can only see one photo in your entire post 😦

  4. kate sonnick Says:

    i LOVE the skirt…looks great paired with the v-neck tee and peeptoe booties. you got the proportions PERFECT. love the bike too! happy summer! ~ kate

  5. Mmmona Says:

    Thanks!! It’s one of the few things I made that I wear a lot. like every few days…which has been bad for the lining…but oh well.
    and those booties are another product of this amazing online knitting community–I found out about Coclico through Another Shopgirl’s blog (before she went on hiatus).

  6. Meghan Says:

    Wow. That is one cute skirt. I got a sewing machine last christmas, but so far it scares me. And my husband already complains about all the yarn… but that is one cut skirt. Hmmmmm….

  7. Anne aka another shopgirl :) Says:

    Hey Mona! I just did a google search for Coclico + bike and found this post. Hooray! So happy that a favorite crafty blogger came up on the first page. Love it! I’m doing a little contest for coclico- collecting fashionable biking photos- the winners will get handpainted bike bells. I would love to enter you and use your photo from this post as an example. Whattya think?

    • mmmona Says:

      yay! I would love to enter!
      thanks for asking:-)
      btw, I love your shop. Whenever I’m in nyc I stop in. like this Monday.

  8. Margaret K Sande Says:

    I had lost track of your blog & then, when I reinstalled Firefox, it had kept all my old bookmarks and I found you again! Love the skirt (I got a sewing machine for xmas but am still staring at the cutouts for the Amy Butler bag I planned to sew, but haven’t), love the bike (I’m also the proud owner of 2 new bikes….hello indulgance), love your blog….just spent the last hr catching up on, well, your life via your blog 🙂
    Hope you’re doing well…I’m still kicking it in the ER here in Denver, working more than seems tolerable but loving it!!! -Margaret

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