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What the what…a month?

May 21, 2009

It’s been almost a month since I wrote last and I really can’t believe how quickly time is passing.

Many things have been going on that deserve blogging, but this is a short little request for help.

You all may recall the homemade deodorant I made and used happily for a few months–note the past tense.  I even made it for others I was so excited about it, including a manly scented version for my partner who still uses it every day.

I, on the other hand, apparently have sensitive skin…which i never ever knew before.  And it’s come to my attention that baking soda is the culprit…being kind of basic and causing all sorts of rashy painfulness when mixing with my kind of acidic sweat.  So I tried a couple of recipes with less baking soda and added glycerin.  Still rashy–even after months of respite and just a day of going back and trying it out again.

So now the question is, what do I do?  I want a cream deodorant, but I obviously don’t really enjoy the rash from hell.  Perhaps I will try even less baking soda…though 95 degree days are going to start here pretty soon and I’m a seriously smelly person and I bike to work every day and don’t have a shower at work…so I’m not sure this is the ideal solution.

I’ll keep you posted on the saga.  Will my armpits ever be satisfied?  Let’s hope so.