Day #10, I’m not mad…

I’m just very, very disappointed.

courtesy of the best blog around, Grist.

This is how change happens–indoctrinate the children.  It’s kind of like with new fuel economy standards for cars…you have to wait a while for the fleet to turnover, but once it does, BAM. The entire fleet emits far less than before because cars are just built differently.

My generation has far greater environmental awareness than the baby boomers and the same will be (or already is) true of children today and the generations before them.  They’re just programmed differently–recycling is standard practice, riding a bicycle or taking public transportation is not for the “lower class” but for the very cool eco-conscious, and being vegetarian is normal and healthy rather than some sort of bizarre hippie weakness.  I already see this within my peers and can only assume through efforts like the one above that the future generations will take these concepts to the next level.

The change may be slow, but it’s going to be powerful when it comes.


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One Response to “Day #10, I’m not mad…”

  1. Amie K Says:

    That is the most stupendous thing ever.
    Made my day.

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