Day #8, Wrapped in Stripes

I’m back to showing you projects in progress…

This will someday be the Raglan Wrap from Laura Irwin’s Boutique Knits.  I really love this border, which is an interesting stitch involving pulling yarn-overs over 2 stitches–very simple, but new to me.

Beyond that, the pattern is really basic.

I’m using Malabrigo Organic Cotton in Pimenta and Pacae, which is very nice.  It’s not as soft as other organic cottons, but it’s crisp, in a good way–if that makes sense.  I’m hoping this will be a simple, basic piece that I can wear a lot and throughout the year.

This is not an exciting post.

So I leave you with my WWII message for the day:



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6 Responses to “Day #8, Wrapped in Stripes”

  1. erin Says:

    hahaha that poster is amazing.

  2. Eileen Says:

    where did you find this one..:) great

  3. Candy Says:

    Haha what an awesome poster and look at you, Queen of Yarn! Ya it’s Helsinki ho tomorrow, pretty crazy, should be quite an experience, I’ll keep you posted, and come visit anytime!

  4. Regina Miller Says:

    I was wondering if you had any of that Malabrigo in Pimienta left. It is sold out and I need a bit more to finish a project (maybe only 1/4 of a skein).

    I would be willing to buy from you if you have any left!


    • mmmona Says:

      Hi Regina–I think I may have a little leftover–possibly a whole skein–I’ll let you know in a day or so after I get a chance to check my stash.

      Actually, I don’t know what I was thinking–I haven’t finished this project yet…but I’ll check it out anyway and see if it’s obvious that I have too much.

  5. Regina Miller Says:

    wow! Thanks for such a prompt reply.

    I was able to find someone on Ravelry who has an extra skein and is able to trade with me for it, but I really appreciate your effort to help a fellow knitter.

    Good Karma is always nice.

    Thanks again!!


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