Twelve Days of Non-Denominational Hand Makery, Day 1.

In the long writing dry spell I found a considerable amount of time to make things, by hand.  I partook in hand-makery, if you will.  (This is not my high point in my long line of making up of words, but I felt like “crafting” wasn’t the right word anymore–and I couldn’t think of one singular noun that meant “artful making of clothing”–which is how I like to think of it.)

In honor of the holidays I am beginning a journey a la the Twelve Days of Christmas.  However, this will be non-denominational (like me) and will involve the making of things by hand (like I like to do).  The Twelve Days of things I have made and not yet shared.

I don’t think I actually have twelve things to share…but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

So here we go.

#1   The St. Tropez Pullover

The pattern comes from Wenlan Chia’s 3rd and rumored final knitting book, Twinkle’s Town and Country Knits.  (Though there are even better rumors about a Twinkle sewing book…hopefully soon…)

The yarn is Twinkle’s super big Soft Chunky in French Grey.

This was wholly successful.  I consider this my most eco-friendly creation because while the yarn is just plain old wool (made in China), it comes recycled from my Shopping Tunic, which I finally accepted made me look like a baby elephant.  So I frogged it to  make this sweater that is one of only two Twinkle creations that I wear with any real frequency.  It’s actually flattering.  The length is perfect, the pattern is simple but pretty, the color is lovely and versatile, and the shape somehow doesn’t add 30 pounds like most of the other Twinkle patterns I’ve made.  I only made one change to the pattern, which was to not add the button on the collar.  It seemed unnecessary.

See you tomorrow, for Day #2 of….

Twelve Days of Non-Denominational Hand-Makery!


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9 Responses to “Twelve Days of Non-Denominational Hand Makery, Day 1.”

  1. Grace Says:

    Perhaps “bespoke?” Can you say that is artfully bespoken? I am obviously not a writer. I’m a (perhaps) bespoke clothier (giggling now).

  2. andrea Says:

    It looks so good (& makes me want to knit one)!

  3. cashmerecafe Says:

    It looks great. And I agree with you – the chunkier the yarn the more careful a girl should be when picking a pattern. This one is really a good choice.

  4. Anne Says:

    That’s a lovely sweater on you! I want to knit this for me, too.

  5. mmmona Says:

    i love the word “clothier”…

    Thanks everyone. It’s nice to know that although the chunky yarn generally fails for me, it seems I just need to be careful with the patterns I pick.

  6. Marilyn Says:

    I am hoping to try this one in “Powder”….. I fear that I will look enormous.

    • mmmona Says:

      I’m not gonna lie-it’s possible. Most of my Twinkle things make me look like a whale. But, this pattern is pretty good and if you make the right size and long enough, it should be good. Good luck!

  7. lekkercraft Says:

    Your Twinkle knits always come out so beautifully!

  8. K Harrison Says:

    Wondering if you can help me. I am stuck on this pattern. I am doing the raglan shaping and working short rows at the same time. I just finished a short row and turned. Now I am supposed to Ssp, p1, slip marker, but I only have one stitch before the marker. Did I get this wrong?

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