Merry Christmas! (I mean, Happy Holidays)


Technically I don’t “celebrate” Christmas.  But I love rituals and traditions–particularly those that I know something about and can therefore participate in.   When we can participate in a tradition, it gives us a sense of belonging, which I think most of us desire deeply.
So while I’m not Christian, having grown up with the traditions of Christmas in school, on television and through my friends, I actually really love the holidays–Christmas particularly. Having grown up outside of India where all of the intense festivals and rituals surrounding the holidays of my ethnic heritage and upbringing occur, I tend to feel like they don’t belong to me since I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.    I doubt I know the ins and outs of a true Christmas celebration–and I wouldn’t really want to infuse my holidays with the religious rituals of a religion in which I don’t believe, but everything else–like the ritualistic buying of a tree and decorating it with sparkling balls and tinsel, just has this sweet, warm quality to me.

Above all, I actually like that tomorrow evening and all day Thursday I will be forced to go home and spend time with my parents.  I won’t have a choice to spend that time with my friends or even my significant other, all of whom will be with their families/far away friends/and others that need them at this particular point in time.  Sometimes it’s nice to have my choices taken away and to have the simplicity of life exposed–time with family, cooking, and eating food…and knitting.  Guilt-free time doing the simplest of things.  Maybe even making a wreath of yarn (with leftover organic stuff, of course).


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2 Responses to “Merry Christmas! (I mean, Happy Holidays)”

  1. andeeroo Says:

    Mmmona – I don’t celebrate Diwali. . but it was a festive time in Calcutta.

    May I invite you to read my satirical take on the battle to celebrate holidays in the public square?

  2. kvbijou Says:

    what a fun idea! Love the creativity 🙂

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