I am resolute

The new year is coming.  And I am resolutely exiting a period of mental cloudiness and laziness.  Hence the absence from any recent posting of my (until now) unmeritorious thoughts.   (Hopefully you agree that my thoughts now aren’t quite so unmeritorious.)

The thing is, I have actually been busy…mostly with what I would call uninspired distractions, but also with some finished (mostly sewing) creations that I am more than comfortable calling my art of the past 1 year +.  I am excited to share those, but haven’t yet found the time to make it all presentable…in this medium at least.

I guess I should cut myself some slack.  Since the election (and last time I devoted proper attention to my most intimate connection with my most respected world of creators), I went on vacation for a while to the slightly disarmingly happy country of Costa Rica and had to take an unexpected trip to Toronto for some family sadness.

I suppose those are just excuses.  The truth is my inspiration had waned–but I feel it returning and I have a few creative endeavors that I plan on being much more forthright about–if anything so that I can receive some valuable input from all of you…

So in that spirit I have some resolutions.  Real ones.

1.  I had a great goal in 2008 to only use sustainably sourced yarns (organic fibers, low impact dyes, etc).  I found this to become increasingly easier, but often at odds with other important goals I would like to hold–like supporting my local economy.  Unfortunately my local yarn and fabric shops were not large stockers of sustainably sourced textiles and yarns.  Having accomplished my goal for the year, I plan on expanding my definitions of what I can use and what’s important, but the main goal for the year (and it’s appropriate given the death of the economy) is to CONSUME LESS.  I don’t actually have a large enough stash to just work off of that, but regardless, I will limit my 2009 projects and try to use recycled/creatively sourced materials as much as is humanly possible.

2.  To begin using my own designs.  This is a confidence issue for me.  I tend to believe that I could not achieve the proper fit and construction details that  I would achieve by using a pattern.  Yet I look back to projects I made 10 years ago, that I figured out by examining garments I already owned, and they’re surprisingly well-made with more interesting details than I achieve by following patterns wholly.  Design offers that cerebral connection to craft and the actual practice of creating that seriously fulfills me…sometimes to the point that I wonder why I bother spending time on anything else.  It’s my white collar/blue collar dream…a blue collar with white polka dots.

and 3.   To take the time to write again.  It’s quite healthy and satisfying.  I sometimes forget that making time for things I enjoy must be a conscious decision–and can be hard to make myself do.  It’s like exercise.  Ultimately it feels good.  But it can be difficult to initiate.  Especially when we let ourselves stop for too long…and then have to battle the inertia.  It’s like I can feel the laziness envelop me and eventually put me to sleep…it’s not until I wake up (for whatever reason) that I can shake it all out of me and start energizing again.  I’m admittedly a little hard on myself when it comes to the “L” word.  Being lazy may be my worst fear…and would probably be considered my worst failure if I were to let it strangle me.

Then again, maybe this was all a much needed hibernation.

Good preparation for the creative (and not creative) plans I have ahead for the coming year.

Happy New Year!  I wish you all a year of fulfilling productivity and no unwanted laziness.


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