Yes we did.


DC was alive last night in a way that I have never seen before and in a way that I will never ever forget.

This was a night when people that may have never proudly waved an American flag because of the dark ages we have been in for a decade, did so with nothing but hope and positivity.

This was a night when from Adams Morgan to U Street to 16th Street to the White House to the National Mall to Capitol Hill there were people pouring into the streets hugging and cheering and high-fiving and honking and dancing.  They were so genuinely happy to see other faces as inspired and hopeful as they now can be.

This was a night when the 93% of the city that voted for Barack Obama could once again see that they lived in a country where they can be inspired by their leaders to dream of the future, of their own future–and that this same country that once seemed to be falling into a divided abyss still does in fact hold within it the human capital to make the future better.

Hope and change is not all talk.  I think for the first time I may actually believe it’s possible.  This ultimate cynic that 2 years ago thought the Democratic party was shooting itself in the foot for putting forth a black candidate and woman candidate, is, at least for now, reformed into someone that believes positivity can actually overcome negativity.


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2 Responses to “Yes we did.”

  1. Rahul Says:

    In an age of despair

    In an age of war

    In an age of conflict

    In an age of broken dreams

    …….came someone

    With a vision so different

    With a spirit so earnest

    Barack Obama he is called &

    he says ….. ‘Yes, we can!’


  2. erin Says:

    new york city was a mess too, in the best way possible. people out on the streets screaming, balloons, american flags, honking taxis.

    it was beautiful and inspiring.

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