It is what it is.

and that would be a mistake:

I realized that I generally post successes here and I should be honest and post some horrible decisions I’ve made as well.

To be fair to my ego, most things have been pretty successful lately…but this.  This was a rushed, impulsive decision.

The one great fabric store in the city is moving (still in the city) but as a result is having a huge moving sale.  So I bought this nice silk charmeuse and some silk chiffon for 1/2 off.  I’ve been a big fan of greys and yellows together and thought this would be a great opportunity to try something nicer out. Basically what happened is I was excited about the fabric and went nuts…

I picked a Burda pattern, from this past Spring or Summer magazine–I forget which…and kind of knew it was ugly, but for some reason was attracted to it.  It happens sometimes.  Attracted to that which we normally would be repulsed by…what can you do?  It is what it is.  And I wasn’t even drunk…

Actually it’s not even that the pattern is that hideous…but it’s also my terrible judgment with the fabric.

Overall I’m proud of the construction…at least for the top half and think I can salvage it.  I’m planning on getting rid of those horrible ruffles and have a straight bottom piece with continuous pintucks.  I also need to adjust it so it fits better…because apparently I’d like to believe I’m a bit smaller than I am…

So, in sum, I think this was just a bad decision.  I took two terrible trends of late (80s comeback and maternity wear) and put them together into one flashy disaster.

Let’s never speak of this again.

(Unless the salvage attempt is successful and then we can all look back and laugh and commend my ability to make something good out of something gross)

(Also, I spent some serious cash on fabric, so hopefully I’ll have more exciting things to share in the future…I’ve learned my lesson though and am trying to spend more time on the planning process).


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