My blind love for NYC is tested.

I guess I can always thank NYPD for shaking my faith in humanity and for testing my seemingly undying love for New York City.

It seems they like to arrest people for invented crimes. Yet they forget that they are in one of the most documented cities in the world, where there are countless tourists and residents with cameras oozing out of their pores. For instance, from an article in today’s NY Times:

Hundreds of cases against people arrested during the 2004 Republican National Convention collapsed under an avalanche of videotaped evidence that either completely contradicted police accounts, or raised significant questions about their reliability. The videotapes were made by people involved in the protests, bystanders, tourists and police officers.

At the New York Public Library, a small group holding a banner against one of the stone lions was arrested and charged with blocking traffic in the middle of 42nd Street, although video showed they were on the steps, and nowhere near the street.

In another case at the library, a police officer testified that he and three other officers had to carry one protester, Dennis Kyne, by his hands and feet down the library steps. Videotape showed that Mr. Kyne walked down the steps under his own power, and that the officer who testified against him had no role in his arrest. The charges were dismissed; the Manhattan district attorney’s office declined to bring perjury charges against the officer who gave the testimony.

Bill Clinton is impeached for lying about a blow job and these cops lie about the law with no consequence?? They broke the law and abused their power. It’s the definition of corruption.

But it gets worse.

And this is where I become incredulous at the absolute maliciousness of some NYPD cops.

They hate cyclists and will break the law to prove it.

Officer Pogan of the NYPD stated that in a recent Critical Mass ride through Manhattan, cyclist Christopher Long deliberately attacked him with his bike, that he was knocked down by Mr. Long, and that Mr. Long was “weaving” in and out of traffic, “thereby forcing multiple vehicles to stop abruptly or change their direction in order to avoid hitting” Mr. Long.

But wait.

Why, what’s this? It’s a video! Shot by a tourist. Since they were in Times Square. Where I don’t know if you’ve noticed, Officer Pogan, but there are all sorts of deer-in-headlights tourists, with cameras permanently affixed to their faces. It seems you should have been a brain surgeon!

If you can identify just one truth to Officer Pogan’s statements, I’ll give you something. Like a big loving push off your bike. Better yet, I’ll hold you for 26 hours on charges of attempted assault and disorderly conduct.


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6 Responses to “My blind love for NYC is tested.”

  1. Grace Says:

    That is sick. That was deliberate, malicious and dangerous. I sincerely hope that the police officer was fired & sued.

  2. mknac Says:

    This officer’s short career has to end. Three weeks into the job and he is attacking citizens and falsifying police reports.

    Additionally the NYPD’s police academy needs to take a look at their curriculum and instructors.

    Perhaps they need 60 hrs of ethics training?

  3. mmmona Says:

    you know that’s what makes this so strange…it’s not like years on the job hardened him and made him act out…he’s just a jackass. I think you’re right, ethics training is so important considering this is a job that hinges on ethics and rules.

  4. knitlit kate Says:

    omg, that is HORRIFIC. i literally gasped when that a-hole cop pushed that poor cyclist onto the sidewalk. do you know what happened to the cop? not much, i bet. unfortunately, too mnay of them consider themselves above the laws they supposedly seek to uphold.

  5. mmmona Says:

    this is from gothamist: Pogan was stripped of his gun and badge pending an investigation. But his father defended him to the Daily News, saying, “You gotta do what you gotta do to make an arrest.”
    but I can’t find an update…I think he should be tried for perjury.

  6. Nina Says:

    Amazing. During the RNC in New York, I saw several cops at marches and protests, making arrests which seemed aimed exclusively at confiscating the arrestee’s video cameras. Scary, scary stuff.

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