The flu makes everything funny.

In my feverish haze I will now veer off-topic of anything I claim to blog about.

I wish to talk to you about cricket.  The favorite sport of my people (and many other people’s people).

As some of you may know, a cricket match takes about as long as an Indian wedding.  Which, let me tell you, is a LONG LONG time.  And while we’re on the subject of Indian weddings I’d like to get off my chest the fact that unless you’re not in the family–they’re not really fun.  They’re exhausting.  and LONG.  Like 5 days.

For Americans (and an increasingly Americanizing world), the idea of a 5-day, slow-moving sporting event is laughable…or actually just ignorable.  So they’ve created this thing called Twenty20 Cricket.  It’s a 3-hour match with cheerleaders, rock music and everything great about commercial America.

I actually don’t care about cricket.  I’m generally a traditionalist with things like this, but ruining the game with American details just doesn’t affect me.

What does catch my eye are some of the team names in the Indian Premier League, which are clearly just copying common team names in the States.

One match was between the Delhi Daredevils and….the Mumbai Indians.

They’re the Mumbai Indians.  Kind of like the Cleveland Indians.  But just slightly different…

Maybe it’s a good thing — finally an inoffensive usage of the team name.


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2 Responses to “The flu makes everything funny.”

  1. Emily Says:

    An Indian-Australian friend of mine (and test-match cricket fan) told me that at home games his fave team had special hot tub luxury boxes you could rent. Even to an american football fan like myself that sounds like a fun way to while away a few days…

  2. mmmona Says:

    wow…I have to say, that may get me to a cricket match. though can’t say I’d be too comfortable partaking in conservative India.

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