Mona goes to the movies, take 2.

Go see this movie.


In fact, here’s a trailer:

I spend much of my life lamenting the impending doom of life on earth because of the environmental disrespect done by humankind as a whole.  

While this movie shows the darkest side of what is possible given our current trajectory (climate change, obesity, diabetes, the proliferation of cheap plastic crap), it also injects some hope into even those of us that can be perceived as impenetrable.

I remember when I was a child I would roll my eyes at that whole “children are our future” crap.  Now that I’m *a little* older, I can only see the promise in knowing that the world’s children will grow up with the messages in this movie — ultimately, that humans can do (and are doing) a lot of damage, but that we are powerful creatures that also have the capacity to turn things around.

It happens to be a powerful and nuanced message for adults as well. 

Lastly, it’s visually beautiful, witty, and charming…and I’m being told that there are even some 2001 references (which I kind of missed).

So here’s another of the few trailers and featurettes:


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