Car Commercials Suck

So I know that I should expect nothing from car commercials.  I know that they always depict cars as super fun and liberating by having someone drive really fast on a magical open road where no other cars seem to be.  Never mind the fact that congestion is rising insanely fast around the nation making a car more of a prison than some fantasical freedom device.  I heard an interesting statistic that in the London center the average speed is 3 mph (!!!).  In 1890 it was also 3mph.  Hooray for progress.

But this Dodge video really gets me.  In this stupid commercial the car somehow is supposed to get you this lifestyle that ironically is wholly dependent on there being no cars to run you over while you play with your friends in the street.  

Maybe it’s because it’s in an urban setting, making it even more unrealistic.  But it promotes this fun, spontaneous lifestyle, where you can play with your friends and neighbors, all of whom are around in big crowds in an expanse of central public open space.  You can do this by driving to the magic place (otherwise known as a city) with your big SUV, but keep in mind this fantasy is only possible if you’re the only one on earth allowed to drive your car.  So good luck with that. 


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3 Responses to “Car Commercials Suck”

  1. Grace Says:


  2. Mark T. Market Says:

    I found a number of car commercials for BMW, Jag, and Porsche that made me stop for a moment. Interesting context.

  3. Chris Says:

    i am so sick of car commercials they are forcing people to by cars by any means, means such as introducing kids into the commercials to help sell the cars “i.e if the kid is cute so is the car” see my point? if you don’t well all let you know something car companies are going crazy to sell. Why? because we are running out of gas weather anyone want to admit it or not we will run out, the fact it’s going to be sooner then anyone things or believes. But more importantly why I won’t buy a car is because my car isn’t made by any major car makers. It’s called “ELECTRIC” GM get used to it people will start demanding it sooner or later so get to work…sorry if i sound demanding but I am being sick and tired of being told we can’t have electric cars

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