My new school dress.

This was a serious test of my patience, but now that it’s FINALLY finished, I’m so happy with it. This took me about two months, which in the scheme of things isn’t so long, but I got pretty bored with it after a while. After I finished the back and realized I had a whole other side to do I knew knitting dresses probably wasn’t for me…unless they’re the Twinkle, done-in-four-days kind (though to be honest the chunky trend may be losing the chic appeal that it first had with me).

This dress was knit with the Venetian yarn I bought while on vacation: Madil Zaffiro in color 210. It’s a lovely blend of cotton, viscose and silk. The pattern was also a blend — of made-up shaping, the Vogue minidress as deduced from Another Shopgirl‘s lovely interpretation of the pattern (since I didn’t have the magazine), and Norah Gaughan’s Anais.

I think of it as the Norah/Vogue love child.

This was definitely an experiment and it was definitely a test to see if I had learned enough skills to be able to just wing something. I’m pretty excited (and relieved) that the thing fits and that the different elements of these designs seem to work well in the romantic way I had envisioned.

(What you see here is relief. I am not stoned. I swear.)

The Anais pattern is so beautiful I think, as are just about all of Norah Gaughan’s designs. She introduces me to techniques that are so interesting and really makes these projects learning experiences, which is something I’m starting to find necessary in any new project. Her cabled capecho will be next on my list for this reason.

I can’t express how happy I am to be done with this dress and to know I can actually wear this happily!

So happy I thought I’d slide down a railing at the school across the street in celebration…

…and snag my new dress. Don’t worry, I stopped before it was a full-blown crisis.

I leave you with some more excitement:

It’s spring! The curse of winter has been lifted and my previously happy life can now resume.


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10 Responses to “My new school dress.”

  1. norahgaughan Says:

    Your dress is adorable! May I have permission to use one of your photos in my blog? ( I’m planning a post showing interpretations / variations / love children of some of my designs.

  2. Nadine Fawell Says:

    That is a really pretty dress: I have the vogue pattern, now I am thinking I want something like yours…And your shoes too, actually. They are so fabby! I tried to buy new shoes today and failed, because, well, they weren’t Repettos, were they?

    Bien fait!

  3. lekkercraft Says:

    wow – that’s impressive! It’s great you can just wing a pattern like that, and it really came out looking great.

  4. eSS Says:

    Very beautiful !!!

  5. anne Says:

    wow! I want to frog the top half of my minidress and copy yours:) It’s fantastic and I love it. The color choice is brilliant.

  6. Sock Knitter Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!

    The color and fit are both perfect!

  7. knitlit kate Says:

    your dress is so pretty…and i’m not at all surprised it even got a comment from nora herself! you are so creative to make that mod to the top…i love it even more than the one in VK…and i loved that one a lot : )

  8. mmmona Says:

    Thanks everyone for the lovely comments, they make my day when I get a new one:-)…What I love about knitting is you can actually get feedback from the talented designers behind the pattern…how amazing!

  9. Serena Says:

    Dude! You told me you are a knitting maniac but I had no idea. I am so impressed! Also – nice maps šŸ™‚

  10. sprite Says:


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