Get your choo-choo on

That is a direct quote from Amtrak.

May 10th is the first ever National Train Day!!

Support sustainable transportation!

If you’re planning on traveling that day consider the train as your mode of choice, whether it’s a local or long-distance trip.  If you’re going long distance, definitely take the train instead of flying if you live in the Northeast corridor. If you live in other places where train service was bullied out of existence then use your voice, your wallet, or whatever you’ve got to push for increased intercity passenger rail.

Especially now that we know they don’t inspect those planes we’re all accustomed to flying in. Yikes!

Hey–and you can even take your knitting on the train no problem, which often is not the case on a plane.  I knitted up my rochefort chapeau nice and easy on the train from DC to New York while listening to my ipod, which I plugged into the outlet next to me.  And I stretched my legs out…boy did I stretch my legs out.

One more thing.  A huge criticism of Amtrak is the cost of the tickets.  The train is very expensive, but I want to point out their rewards program and the Amtrak credit card.  I don’t use the latter too much, but when I use it to buy train tickets, the points are multiplied and it doesn’t take too much to get a free ticket.  I have a few free train tickets along the NE corridor banked–even after using 2 to give me a free trip to NYC a couple of weekends ago.  For me it beats the hell out of driving, which is $$$$ and definitely the bus, which is always a trying experience–it once took me 8 hours to get from NYC to DC on the bus during a strange time when the NJ Turnpike was closed because of flooding.  Needless to say, I took the train back up that weekend.

It’s also another story of how those prices could go down if there was more supply and demand in more places.  Anyway–please consider the train.


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