I’ve been missing New York a lot lately, perhaps because I just visited a couple of weekends ago.  Unfortunately on that visit I didn’t get to visit one of my favorite places in the city: Barcade, a bar in my old hood, Williamsburg, BK (aka land of the super hipsters).  It’s a fantastic large space (run on wind power) with a pretty decent beer selection and an even better selection of old Atari games.  My personal favorite (and tormenter): Frogger.  Damn, that game is hard.  I got pretty decent by the end of my 2 years in my soulmate of cities, but eventually those logs just go by too fast…and I lose my patience.  And perhaps I get a little drunk.  Whatever.

Speaking of frogs.

Here’s a project I started already heading to the frog pond:

Right now it’s the Puff sleeve jacket from this past winter issue of Vogue Knitting made of the Fibre Company’s Savannah Bulky, which is a nice blend of merino wool, organic cotton, linen and soya fibre.   I was already modifying the pattern for bulky yarn, but I think this may have been a bad idea.  I’m not sure what to use this yarn for, but it’s another of the relatively eco-friendly yarns I’ve now used that I would feel comfortable recommending, since half of it is either organic or alternative fibre.  It’s more of an earthy look (though very nice and soft), so I’m not sure it would work with everything.  There’s a dk weight available too, which I think may be more versatile.  At full price it’s not cheap though…and I probably wouldn’t buy it if I hadn’t gotten it half off.

A possible project for this stuff is #3 (the cropped raglan top) from VK Winter 2006/2007–an issue I just discovered so I could do the famous cabled capecho, which will be my next project once I finish the never-ending Anais dress.

I need to stop buying yarn without a specific purpose in mind.  That’s possibly the most un-eco-friendly habit ever.


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One Response to “Frogger”

  1. lekkercraft Says:

    I love Barcade too. Unfortunately it’s nowhere near my neighborhood these days. But had no idea it was run on wind power! That’s impressive.

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