Bad TV Confessions.

This is a bad one. Real bad. But I use knitting as an excuse. I haven’t been able to keep myself on track with the several slow-going projects I have in progress, so I started the Rochefort Chapeau courtesy of the Purl Bee with some Alpaca Kid Lustre from my stash–not eco-friendly per se, but it’s from my stash, thus requiring no new purchase, production, transport, and so on. In doing so I needed some tv in the background.

I don’t have cable (which I think should count for something) and so American Idol was the only thing on. There I said it.

The thing is I felt some thoughts actually being provoked by the show…(I didn’t know this show could do that). To be fair I only have a couple of thoughts, so it’s not like I went crazy or anything.

First. This country girl on the show sang God Bless America, which Simon stated to be “clever.” Since Bush, I now find the use of that song to be of the boot-in-Al-Qaeda’s-ass variety that bullies people into patriotism. Apparently since she sang an I-love-America song it’s patently unpatriotic to deem her annoying and generic and not “vote” for her. And you could see that Paula and Randy hated it, hated the song and felt that those sentiments could not actually be expressed to an American audience. For Paula, I wouldn’t have said anything disparaging either–she’s half middle-eastern (Syrian-Palestinian no less). So country girl was alright, but my friend down the street sings better. I don’t have a friend down the street, but I know a woman across the river that sings WAY better. And she doesn’t give me the willies with one of those pre-Patriot Act I’m-proud-to-be-an-American-where-at-least-I-know-I’m-free (to have my rights ignored by the aforementioned Patriot Act) songs.

By the way–um, totally proud to be an American…(don’t hurt me).  In all honesty, I really am proud to be an American.  I’ve traveled a lot and lived abroad a few times now.  My life in America is something I feel truly lucky to have and it’s something I miss strongly after a few months living in a developing country.  However, I do not need some country singer that I assume has zero global perspective to tell me I need to feel proud and lucky to have her/his God bless America.

Ok, so second. There was a guy at the end of the show that was pretty damn impressive. He sang a quite original arrangement of Billy Jean and it was gooood. I was wowed. Wowed by American Idol. That in itself is wowing. But, seriously this last performance was stellar. I can’t imagine that he came up with the arrangement, but his delivery alone was enough to put him far above the others. It was artist quality. So all you folks that won’t vote in the presidential election, but never miss an Idol vote–vote for this one.

Now let’s never speak of this again.


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