Finished! Meridian Tunic “Dress”

Pattern: Meridian Tunic Dress from Twinkle’s Weekend Knits
Louet Euroflax Sportweight in black, pure white and shamrock
March 2008

I’m not sure in what skanky world this would be considered a dress, it covers not even half my ass…I even had the right gauge.  I swatched and everything.

But I like it as a shirt.   And I had been wanting to do the Twinkle stripes since I hadn’t with the shopping tunic.  I think doing the stripes with the chunky wool would be horrible on most people that aren’t unhealthily skinny, so this was a good opportunity since I used the very un-bulky linen.  The linen was actually nice to work with–not so soft but I think the stitch definition and the vibrancy of the colors are beautiful.  And it does feel quite nice and cool on.  A little like chainmaille but I like it.  And I’ll be washing it soon to soften it up.

One issue I had with this yarn was weaving in the ends later.  Having four strands of it made it especially difficult, but linen itself is so smooth and hard that the weaved in ends tend not to stay in place.  So the inside looks horrendous with all sorts of long ends poking out.  I suppose that’s not so much of an issue, but I have to make sure when I put on the thing the ends aren’t poking through on the wrong end (you can see a stray end in the first picture).  Any way to fix this problem?

I only noticed one issue with the pattern: it lists two needles, a size 15 and a size 11, but it doesn’t tell you when to use one or the other.  A few months ago in my inexperience it wouldn’t have been obvious to use the 11s for the ribbing and the 15s for the body.  And anyway, I used 11s for the whole thing to get gauge and it was already holier than I wanted it to be (looser knit, not blessed…).  Four strands were annoying enough, I wasn’t going to go up to 5.

I like this one.


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6 Responses to “Finished! Meridian Tunic “Dress””

  1. Grace Says:

    This tunic was immediately on my mental to-do list and the omition of the needle information is glaringly obvious. (annoyance!) Oh well, I’m glad to see a finished object. Good job!

  2. lekkercraft Says:

    Oh I love this–it looks really great on you! The stripes are fun, but how could they even think this could be a dress! I think it would feel funny to wear such a large knit as a dress anyways, so it is perfect as a tank.

  3. Katharine Says:

    Oh, this thing is definitely a tunic, or even just a longish tank. Yours is quite similar to the one I’m making, except I’m using coral instead of white.

    I hate using 4 strands at the same time. It was not fun winding 2 skeins so that I could use 4 strands at the same time. bah I like how it’s coming out though.

    I know you aren’t in the photo, but do you feel ok wearing nothing underneath, or would you wear a camisole? Mine’s coming out kind of holey, so I think I’d have to wear a camisole with it.

  4. mmmona Says:

    thanks guys! i def wear something under…it’s kind of ho-ey if I don’t…

  5. Monique Says:

    Dress? Anywho, you did a fab job and it looks great on you!

  6. sarah Says:

    Love it. I’m wondering if you had already washed it by the time you took the picture. The reason I say this it’s because I found out the hard way that linen expands and fluffs up after washing. Maybe eventually your tunic WILL become a dress;)

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