Attack of the fur coats

So one great thing about having a blog is I can keep reliving my lovely Italian adventure by blogging about it.

The reason I had planned on even going to Italy was to visit my best friend, who is of Italian descent and was staying with her mother for a couple of months while in between jobs. One of the things she warned me about was the astonishing amount of fur I would see in Italy.

And wowza was she right.

It seemed like foxes and minks and chinchillas dropped from the sky onto Italian women (and even some men) everywhere.

I personally think furs are gnarly. It’s gross from an animal rights perspective, obviously. And that whole argument that it’s great to use the whole animal, as though they actually get leather and fur from animals used for meat (or other things) is kind of BS. There are often different industries for the different uses for animal products–all using different animals on different farms, all wasting lots of the animal.

But, aside from all that, I think they’re just kind of unnerving…like I got eaten and am now living inside a big furry animal. I also think it’s like wearing money, which is always annoying. I didn’t even think people really wore furs until I moved to New York, where a trip to the upper east side was quite educational. Snooty old women in fur coats…fun.

But Italy was another world. So I thought I would take a day and try and photograph every fur coat I saw. It would easily come to like 100 and I could make a fur mosaic a la the Sistine Chapel…(the mosaics, not the furs). I only got like 3 or 4 people before my man expressed his embarrassment and asked me to stop. It wasn’t nice to take pictures of people when they don’t know it. Like, whatever. I think the furry little creatures they were wearing would beg to differ…says I to the sensitive vegan. Anyway, that wasn’t my real argument. Photographers always photograph people that are unaware of it…the subjects are unidentifiable in my photos anyway.

So here’s what I came up with:

This next one was my favorite…2 in one shot.

On the topic of fur, I’ve heard of 2 gross things: fur yarn, the implication being that it’s made of fur (???) and faux fur isn’t so faux–it can and sometimes does include fur from less cute and cuddly animals, like rats for instance. Ewwww! I hate nothing more than rats. Nothing. Wait, maybe a rat fur coat.

I’m not 100% sure on that last one, but I’ve heard it from respected personal sources…


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One Response to “Attack of the fur coats”

  1. Melissa Says:

    The Upper East Side is always educational — like another world!! But more often now, younger people who like fur but can’t afford one can go to places that sell used fur coats and check out what they like. That way you’re not wasting gobs of money if you don’t like it, or you can remodel it into something else!!

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