Hillary’s nipple?

I don’t mean to get political, but….

I’ll start with this–I’m not sure who I’m voting for. I also do not think that women have to vote for Hillary Clinton.
BUT. This is what this website says:

Hillary Clinton, the Wicked Witch of Capitol Hill, wants to be President of the United States. Republicans and Democrats across the nation agree that 2008 is the year of the storm, and this hurricane’s name is Hillary.
Our nation doesn’t have the patience for a wardrobe malfunction, and Monica doesn’t have a brother. Do your part to keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House. Hillary T-Shirts are here to help.”

First of all that a woman can actually be tarnished by the actions of her husband is ridiculous, when in her actions she has never proven to lack the specific sexual moral compass that Americans seem to think is important in leading a country.

Second, I don’t understand the wardrobe malfunction comment. As far as I can tell, this refers to the terrifying possibility that we could at some point see Senator Clinton’s nipple–or (oh God!) some cleave! This is just not a risk that America should be willing to take by voting for a woman.

So, while I’m not sure about anything regarding this election, I will say this: if Hillary wins, I can see myself being overcome with emotion at the (albeit SLOW) progress of women in this country. Especially when I ethnically come from a country (India) that is perceived to be extremely sexist–and in many ways is, but embraced female leadership decades ago.
I remember being unbelievably frustrated when I was backpacking through India and would find that many cities had public restrooms for men only. Forget that it’s women that can’t just pee anywhere and have smaller bladders…it’s an interesting situation when the female presidents or prime ministers of the past can’t find a place to pee in the capital.
Maybe this country is the opposite, but I’m not sure which is better. Is there a third option?

The point is that website makes a stupid sexist point. It may be possible that I’m interpreting it wrong, but I can’t imagine what the explanation is.


4 Responses to “Hillary’s nipple?”

  1. Running Knitter Says:

    I agree with you – the website is making a very stupid point and its’ ignorance is very sad.

  2. Will Crowthers Says:

    The site makes no attempt to be sexist what-so-ever. The negative feelings toward Hillary come from her ridiculous policies which would only hinder an already stumbling country.

    If the previously mentioned ignorance is given from the introduction and you gave this much thought to it – then the site has served its purpose. In fact, all publicity is good publicity and I have received over 200 hits in the past 96 hours purely from this post alone – awesome!

    The introduction is meant to be funny, thought provoking and simply poke fun at the situation. I for one hope we really do change up the government. It is time for a new leader and someone who can come up with original and intelligent decisions.

    Hillary’s (uh uhm, Bill’s) policies in no way get the country to be more respected or in a situation which will help the world’s population to overcome any situation.

    As I’m surely you noted, the site does not attempt to identify a candidate, but goes for an approach and statement which simply reads: “Anyone But Hillary.”

    Please vote,

  3. Mona Makes Says:

    easy now tiger.
    Who knew my little knitting blog would stir up so much emotion?:-)
    I do offer this: the comment doesn’t disprove my points–the intro is indeed a reflection of subconscious sexism. When we “poke fun” at a woman the first blow is something relating to being a woman, as if that’s something to ridicule.
    I also find it interesting that we’re poking fun at situation so dire: our “already stumbling country”.
    I sure hope we make it through:-)

  4. Leinad the First Says:

    This guy really is a tiger! He is the smartest tiger I know. He’s learned to type and even commandeer some web programming skill. His satiric attempt to influence the next presidential election is admittedly daft, but so was my crapping in a bag and setting it aflame on Romney’s front porch. I guess we can all let this rest and get back to some knitting, Awesome!

    Please vote,

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