Brrrrrrrr. I hate winter.

Damn gloves. Didn’t help too much. It was like 11 degrees today…or something. But it was sunny and I wanted to take my film camera out and test some different aperture settings…it’s been a while and I have to refresh my memory on all the photography basics since one thing I’m vowing to do before a much needed trip to New Delhi (for a cousin’s wedding) and then Italy (yay!!) in a few weeks is to get my new Crown Graphic 4×5 camera up and running. Which means I need to remember how manual settings work. Which is also how I think truly beautiful photographs are crafted–with direct and clear intent. I guess often it’s just luck…but maybe that’s what separates photographers from everyone else. Someday I’d like to actually be at least almost a photographer.

Anyway, today’s bitter cold was an excellent reason to take my newly completely completed best friend cardigan (and aspen hat) out for a spin. And did she perform. I stayed relatively warm, and with the seams finally looking good, I love her!

But not enough to smile when it’s this goddamn cold out.


One Response to “Brrrrrrrr. I hate winter.”

  1. Nadine Fawell Says:

    You look SO cute, Mona, you are really rocking that Twinkle! It is bizarrely cold in Johannesburg today, and I am wearing my Shopping Tunic. Inconvenient Truth stuff, since it is summer in Africa…

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