My obsessive nature began spiraling out of control with the seaming saga I had with the Best Friend cardigan. After literally 50 or so tries I recently put it to bed with a simple flat stitch. I had been making myself insane trying to do some sort of an invisible stitch, thinking that would make it less bulky. But, it looks fine now and I have my life back.

I’m about halfway done with the 2nd sleeve of my Phildar cardi, and realized that making sleeves is probably a lot like making socks…which I thought would be extremely tedious and unexciting.
Yes, folks, I thought right.
I hate making these damn sleeves. I’m trying my hand at knitting in the round with 2 circulars, which is going fine, but it’s slow and I can’t wait for this sleeve to be done.

And with that, I’m already looking ahead.

I had jokingly sent a photo of an afghan I saw on ravelry with the Nine Inch Nails symbol/logo/whatever on it: the NIN ( but the last N is mirrored along the long edge) to a friend of mine that I know to be a huge NIN fan.
She then had the brilliant idea of doing an afghan exchange. I would make this for her and she would make one for me. It seems she needed a while-I-watch-TV activity. I interestingly enough took up watching TV as something to do while I was knitting.
In any case. I love this idea and just went over to Stitch DC to get some beautiful Cascade Baby Alpaca for the job.

Now that I have this stuff in hand I’m even more excited to begin. It’s so soft and beautiful with just enough fuzziness to blur the color breaks. I also think it’s probably a nice irony to make a soft fuzzy Nine Inch Nails blanket. This one will sort of be made up as I go along, but I think I’m going to generally follow the KBB Blanket pattern, which I think is simple enough to go with the color pattern. It will also be substantially bigger, since I’m using size 13 needles and chunkier yarn than the worsted that is called for.

My one concern is that I feel like afghans are a bit of undertaking…it seems like they take months to complete. Given all the time and effort, I’m afraid the exchange will be like giving up a baby. Ok, maybe having a baby is a bit more involved than knitting a nine inch nails afghan. I say tomayto, you say tomahto. Then again I’m not much of a nine inch nails fan…

Another project that will sort of be happening at the same time is the Muir shawl to be made with this gorgeous sea silk I got…I love love love this yarn. It’s gorgeous…and I envision an equally gorgeous gold silky shawl when it’s all knitted up.

These two projects should only take the rest of my life to complete…or maybe the year.


2 Responses to “Planifications…”

  1. Shannon Says:

    I realte to both of you. I took up knitting as something to do while I watched TV, but now I find that the TV is a nice source of background noise while I knit.

  2. Cathy Says:

    Can’t wait to see how the afghan turns out!

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