Nine Inch Nails and knitting.

Seemingly incongruous, yet not so.
So here’s the charted afghan. Unfortunately it’s not readable, but if you click on it it enlarges to be semi-readable. Basically it’s just a mix of the color pattern and the KBB blanket stitch pattern, but with 10 rows of seed stitch for the borders instead of 6 garter stitch rows. The S=seed stitch, |=knit, B=ktbl, O=purl…I like that all the wrong side rows almost spell boob…(boooob).
but I did it on purpose. At least I don’t lie, right?

I really like making these charts. This is my second one, my first being on my very first project–a chevron stripe scarf for my boyfriend.

Unfortunately I wasn’t wise to the curling of the stockinette stitch, but it’s still warm and pretty…in a manly sort of way, given the current owner. Made with Manos del Uruguay yarn…I think 2 skeins of the red and 1 of the grey.

I casted on for the afghan last night and I think it’s going to be fun project. The yarn is just great to work with and it’s chunky enough that I think this may take far less time than I thought–which is always a good thing. Leaves room for even more knitting…though I’m really going to have to get to a point where I cut myself off.


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One Response to “Nine Inch Nails and knitting.”

  1. Danielle Says:

    I really really want to make this but I am still a beginner.. Do you have a more readable chart? How did it look when you finished it?

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