My New Best Friend…

I remade this cardi about 5 times.
The first time I made her in a small. And I loved her because she was my first sweater. After some time and a few wearings the novelty wore off and reality set it…there is possibly nothing more unflattering than a too-small chunky sweater painfully stretched across my somewhat muscle-y shoulders and not-small chest.
And so I realized that the larger size would look better. So I made it in a large (the laid flat measurements are for a 33″ bust–one inch shy of my size). But chunky yarn does stretch A LOT, so this in fact was too large and looked bulky. So finally I went for the middle ground…the medium. And goldilocks-style, it worked.
The thing is, I’m never a medium. I’m always a small. So the notes about Twinkle sizing matching up with your normal size just didn’t work for me. I made the Shopping Tunic in the XS, but think I will remake that in a S as well….I’m going to go with the second smallest size listed rule.

I also joined the Twinkle buttons bandwagon. At first I thought they were insanely expensive and not worth it…but a) they look so much better than the cheap black buttons I had before and b) they are really nice buttons–beautiful and substantial…again, so much better than my cheap plastic black buttons.

I found seaming to be a nightmare. So to eliminate as much as I could I did a 3 needle bind off for the shoulder seams, which worked quite well. The sleeves were another story…I may try and redo the seams for the 100th time. If anyone has any suggestions on how to do this for this sweater (or for chunky yarns in general) I would be eternally grateful.
Aside from the horrible sleeve seams, I’m finally really happy with this. And I can see myself getting a lot of use out of it…and I just really love the buttons…



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