I Can Make That

Part of why I’m excited about my newfound knitting skills is that I can at least try and make many of the things I love that are available in stores I refuse to shop in because of political/social practices (like Anthropologie*) or that are made in China (like some stuff I reluctantly love at JCrew).

The Twinkle knits are an example of the former and the following is something I’m pretty sure I can make without a pattern from the latter:

I figure I should start simple with my experimentation given that I’m relatively new to knitting. But this seems to just be a long sweater…with some buttoned on waist strap things…

I used to go through stores with overpriced clothes and brag to myself about how I could sew those things myself…it’s nice to be able to do it with knitwear now too.

*note…just in case someone was wondering, the owner of Anthro/Urban Outfitters financially supports extremely right-wing causes…meaning that shopping there is indirectly supporting those things as well…which is sad because I did love that store…did.


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