Numchuck skills, bow hunting skills…

Yes, I have skills. New skills. The Italian tubular cast-on! I found a great tutorial here.
I didn’t even know there were all these different ways to cast on.
But I love this method. It was a little hard to get used to, but I’m now using it for a new project I’m starting. More Twinkle, of course.
I’m doing to Balthazar vest, but with Rowan Bamboo Soft (in Beaver) and Kidsilk Haze (in Majestic) on size 7 and 5 needles.
I’m attempting to convert the pattern from a super chunky gauge to a 5 stitch per inch gauge. I just calculated what each stitch and row in the pattern should equal in the bamboo gauge and am then multiplying the pattern stitches and rows accordingly. I’m hoping it’ll work and will be an interesting experiment. I also hear that this pattern is especially vague so maybe that’s a good thing since I’ll have to make some things up as I go anyway.
I love the yarn and the colorway…and think it may be a little more wearable for me than all the chunky stuff in Twinkle.
Though I have been inspired by other projects on Ravelry to begin the Twinkle Shopping Tunic. Apparently Classic Elite is out of the soft chunky, so I’m waiting for an order I placed to come in sometime in the next month so I can begin. I’ve been into muted colors, so I’m doing this one in the french grey.

I’m still working on the Fad Classic vest, which after all the Twinkle knits seems SO slow going.
I’ve been having some trouble working with the yarn (Cascade Sierra), especially during some K2T right after a cast on (like for the neck lines). But I think the pattern is so interesting, especially the fact that it’s knit completely seamlessly–which is great for me since seaming is definitely not one of my stronger skills.
But all in all it’s looking really good. The color is a lemonade-y pale yellow and I can already envision its contribution to my wardrobe.


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