Finished! Diamond Scarf

Biking through all the falling ice was nothing, as I was toasty warm, wrapped in my soft Diamond Scarf.

That’s my catalogue caption for another FO from a few weeks ago. I made it after using the leftover yarn from my Best Friend Cardigan to make this and the aspen hat for a friend. I ended up loving them both and had just enough yarn to make the scarf for myself. I wasn’t sure about it at first. I thought the size 35 (!) needles would make it so holy that it would be strange looking or not really that warm. Both are quite untrue. The pattern is so lovely and after some steam blocking it really looked nice and defined.

And it’s so cozy and warm.  We had our first snow in DC today.

I do want to say that after living in NYC for the past two years I forgot what babies Washingtonians (mostly the DC suburbanites) are about the snow. People couldn’t make it to meetings, there were alerts and alarms and warnings, yet even now, at 6pm there remains to be any actual accumulation on the streets. Maybe in the suburbs there’s an inch.

All I know is I’m not going to work tomorrow. I could break my neck in all that snow.


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