Finished! Twinkle Biker Vest

This was another quick knit…about a week and half even with several rip-outs and re-dos.
There are a few screw-ups, but I don’t think they’re that noticeable, so overall I love it.
The pattern says to pick up 140 stitches around the edges for the garter stitch border, which caused me the most trouble. First I didn’t pick up enough stitches so it turned into a balloon-like piece. So I ripped it out and picked up more….it was not longer a balloon, but my picking up of stitches was a little messy so again I ripped it out and redid it. It looks much better, but picking up stitches and seaming fabric that isn’t in simple stockinette seem to be my biggest weaknesses.
I do really like the lace pattern and I love the fit.
Onto the other vests in my queue.

This last statement is interestingly enough quite the annoyance to my “roommate.” It seems knitting has diverted my obsession away from him…”you’d rather be knitting,” he says just every once in a while.
But I don’t feel guilty.
If only he knew the meditative satisfaction, the visual and tactile stimulation.
Ah, yes.
But I think involving him may mollify his frustrations. He’s becoming my photographer and perhaps with time he’ll embrace this role and attack it with artful intent.


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One Response to “Finished! Twinkle Biker Vest”

  1. Busy Mom Says:

    it is so lovely. It looks great on you. Congrats!

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