The Vest…

…is quickly taking over my life. I’m working on 1 and have 2 more on the horizon. The thing is–in the interest of full disclosure and complete honesty–I’m kind of a sweaty person. But, if I’m not sweating, I’m freezing cold.
Unless I’m wearing a vest. The vest is the wonder temperature regulator. Keeps you warm without overheating, and most importantly without all the extra fabric under my arms to make me even sweatier.

So, given my respect for the vest, here are the upcoming vest endeavors:


From KnitandTonic, I love this. Simple, but totally clean and classic. I tend to wear lots of color and patterns, so this could be good for balance.
I’m always looking for balance.


Look familiar?
Yeah, it’s not so different, but I’m going to do it in browns with tan bamboo and dark brown/grey/purplish mohair (worked in with the bamboo for the ribbing), so think it’ll be a little more interesting.
This one’s from Rowan’s Arabesque, which I like, but not enough to buy the whole book. I think the pattern is simple enough to just wing it, though I’ve never made something other than a scarf or hat without a pattern.

Exciting new challenges.
Whenever I do this with sewing it never quite turns out the way I expect. But I think I could just follow the first pattern but with stockinette for the body.
Yes. It’s a bright future. Full of vests.


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