I feel like ownership of a blog is like buying a house. Everyone I know seems to be doing it and therefore, so must I. Of course, I haven’t actually bought a house. Someday there will be a beautiful old run down house in need of my imaginary time in Brooklyn….Williamsburg, Park Slope, or I’ll be a late pioneer in Crown Heights.

But for now, I am in Washington, DC, sort of back home, where, because the city isn’t quite my “scene,” I have endless amounts of time to create…a blessing that I’m hoping this blog will keep me from squandering.

A friend gave me my first knitting needles and some Manos yarn almost exactly a year ago and since then knitting has become a second obsession, after sewing, which has been known to delve into sweatshop-like depths. No eating, no drinking, just slaving away until something is finished. This usually ends sadly because I start to get sloppier and sloppier in my starved and parched haze. But leaving something unfinished for later is torture. I’m not quite this terrible anymore and have slightly more self control. The knitting projects of late have been so satisfying. More on those will be coming…


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